4-6 WORKOUTS A WEEK / 45-60 MIN 
12 weeks of progressive strength training, cardio, and fat burning circuits. Build muscle, lose body fat and totally transform your body within this 3-month program that will change your life completely. Wat the video below for a detailed walkthrough of my 12 Week Body program.


 The science-based approach combines exercise, nutrition, and supplementation for results that far exceed what any of those tools could produce on their own. Better yet you'll finish the program knowing how to pursue the fit lifestyle even without any guidance!


Each four-week phase of the program has a distinct overview  that will walk you through you everything you need to know about the overall approach, any major changes from phase to phase, and other relevant details about your workouts and diet. 

Workout Details
Duration: 12 weeks
Fitness level: Intermediate
No of workouts per week5, 45-60 min duration
Equipment needed: Full Gym
Application:  Apple & Android app
Objective: Weight loss, Total body transformation


Every day of the program schedule listed on the app includes that day’s specific workout, as well as a  meal plan for both men and women. When you start the program on day one, you’ll see that each day has everything you need, including tips and tricks on how to get the best results possible.


The approved foods list as an overall guide to what you should eat while following the 12 Week Body program. The list includes examples of nutritious foods that you can include in your diet. 


A  guide as to which supplements you should take while on the program to get the rest results possible.

Connect your MyFitnessPal account to import nutritional information including calorie consumption and daily macros for logged meals, allowing both of us to better monitor your nutrition, and stay within targets.

Monitor your bio-metrics and nutrition by connecting you Fitbit account to automatically import your weight, body fat percentage, and resting heart rate data, allowing me to view your stats and help monitor your progress.

"Research shows the combination of proper diet and exercise is more than 400% more effective than exercise alone at taking off and keeping off unwanted pounds". Your app allows you to create your own EN account and take your nutrition to the next level

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