• Reduce stretch marks, cellulite & tone your body with these safe workouts

  • Reduce arm, hip, bum and thigh weight gain and less aches and pains.

  • Gain more energy and less fatigue with these effective workouts.

  • Workouts for each trimester including pelvic floor and core exercises

  • Relaxation techniques from experts

  • Constant support & motivation from a qualified PT


This comprehensive plan will help you to reduce your overall pregnancy weight gain so its easier to lose the baby weight after. Toning and strengthening your body while carrying your baby, will not only make you feel better but give you confidence and prepare you for delivery. These specific workouts will help you gain lean toned muscle and enable you to enjoy your pregnancy much more! 


  • Swelling of the limbs, back pain & muscle imbalances

  • Nausea & Fatigue

  • Length of labour/birth complications, Reduced recovery after birth

  • Excessive weight gain

  • InsomniaAnxiety, depression, and other maternal psychological disorders

  • Maternal well being, Self-esteem, mood and self-confidence


This program can be started by any pregnant woman at any point in her pregnancy no matter what trimester.  As long as there is medical clearance to exercise, it is completely safe to start even if you're 24 weeks. The workouts are adapted and modified to work around your growing bump.

3-5 WORKOUTS A WEEK / 45-90 MIN 
40 weeks of various exercises, each day targeting a different area of the body. The workouts are designed to build strength, tone muscle and reduce weight gain. Adapted around the 3 trimesters for safe effective workouts incorporating a warm-up, pelvic floor exercises, core stability, cool down stretches and relaxation techniques.
Workout Details
Duration: 40 Weeks
Fitness level: Beginner
No of workouts per week: 3-545-90 min duration
Equipment needed:  Full Gym
Application:  Apple & Android app
Objective: Well-being, Strength, Relaxation, Weight management & toning

Connect your MyFitnessPal account to import nutritional information including calorie consumption and daily macros for logged meals, allowing both of us to better monitor your nutrition, and stay within targets.

Monitor your bio-metrics and nutrition by connecting you Fitbit account to automatically import your weight, body fat percentage, and resting heart rate data, allowing me to view your stats and help monitor your progress.

"Research shows the combination of proper diet and exercise is more than 400% more effective than exercise alone at taking off and keeping off unwanted pounds". Your app allows you to create your own EN account and take your nutrition to the next level

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