Phase 2: Weeks 5-8

After four weeks of alternating these bodyweight circuits, you'll be ready to step up your training and incorporate free weights. In this four-week phase, you'll perform routines I designed and followed myself to begin increasing both strength and muscle mass. This is when you'll really start to feel—and possibly see—the gains you've been working for. 

Just like in Phase One, you'll be training six days per week. But this time around, your week will be split into three strength workouts using a combination of weights and body weight, and three cardio workouts. Also unlike Phase One, each week in Phase Two will look the same:


Phase 2 Breakdown

  • Monday: Lower-body strength workout

  • Tuesday: Cardio

  • Wednesday: Upper-body strength workout

  • Thursday: Cardio

  • Friday: Full-body strength workout

  • Saturday: Cardio

  • Sunday: Rest


For your cardio workouts, you can perform either the nap circuit or the 15-minute workout from Phase One, or if you prefer, 30 minutes of cardio training of your choice. If you're at home, consider running or jumping rope.