One week Postpartum 06/2019


It's no coincidence that the months 1-3 plan, the postpartum plan, and my 12 week Body plan add up to roughly nine months total. The three-pronged approach is exactly what you need to recapture your pre-pregnancy physique—or maybe even your best physique ever. ​​​

  • Short  effective workout circuits

  • Home-based workouts

  • Pushchair & baby carrier workouts


One week Postpartum 06/2019


  • Increased strength and endurance for performing functional tasks

  • Increased energy & reduced fatigue, enhanced immune function

  • Better quality of sleep & greater emotional well-being

  • Improved circulation and healingdigestion and increased metabolic rate

  • Improved body composition-reduction of body fat and increased muscle mass.

  • Reduced risk of postnatal depression, Increased personal satisfaction, enhanced self-confidence and self-image


Months 1-3

This training system starts wherever you are today and leads you through the flexible, approachable workout plan for your first three months after your child is born!


Nutrition Overview

Post-pregnancy nutrition doesn't have to be complicated. Focus on making healthy choices and if you need a little help, Evolution Nutrition can help you make life easier.






Getting fit is always a challenge, but especially when a new little person wants as much of your time as possible. 


These workouts are quick to get through when you don't feel good... but you can also challenge yourself and push it when you feel good and make this something you do for you. Whether you had your baby six weeks, six months, or even six years ago, this plan will help you get your body back to where you want it to be.


You can start the early stages of my fitness plan as soon as you get clearance from your doctor, and as soon as you feel strong enough the program increases in intensity. You'll be able to take it day by day, starting where you are right now.


My Postpartum Recovery & Strength program is unique in that it has both a 12-week plan and a preparatory program designed for mothers who have received clearance from the doctor but aren't ready for more intense training yet. 

Workout Details
Duration: 3 weeks preparatory12 weeks
Fitness level: Must get clearance from the doctor
No of workouts per week3-6, 15-30 min duration
Equipment needed:  Adjustable dumbbells, stability ball, bench, skipping rope, medicine ball, adjustable barbell
Application:  Apple & Android app
Objective: Strengthen, weight loss, and tone

Connect your MyFitnessPal account to import nutritional information including calorie consumption and daily macros for logged meals, allowing both of us to better monitor your nutrition, and stay within targets.

Monitor your bio-metrics and nutrition by connecting you Fitbit account to automatically import your weight, body fat percentage, and resting heart rate data, allowing me to view your stats and help monitor your progress.

"Research shows the combination of proper diet and exercise is more than 400% more effective than exercise alone at taking off and keeping off unwanted pounds". Your app allows you to create your own EN account and take your nutrition to the next level

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