Workout Details
Duration: 12 weeks
Fitness level: All fitness levels
No of workouts per week: Adapted to your lifestyle and preference
Equipment needed:  according to preference.
Application:  Apple & Android app
Objective: Goal related

From as little as £29 per week, One on one coaching has the added benefit of someone holding you accountable and checking that you stay on track. The plans are designed for you specifically and tweaked where needed to aid faster progress. During your programme, you will communicate with your trainer fortnightly through skype and calls, and follow your plan from an easy to use app on your iPhone or Android! A wealth of exciting features come along with this service, and all designed to work around your busy schedule,


The 12-week body one on one training is customised towards your own personal fitness goals, rather than a generic training programme. Combining exercise, nutrition and supplementation to give you results which will far exceed what any of these elements could produce alone, and as it's based on your personal fitness goals, It will challenge you and work around your lifestyle and schedule. It is a guarantee that your body and mentality are going to change and you will get everlasting results and support in just 12 short weeks!


1. Book your FREE consultation

2. Fill in your pre-consultation forms

3. Have your FREE skype consultation

5. Book your programme

6. Download the 12 Week Body app

Bespoke Meal Plans

Your custom created meal plans are produced according to your goals, gender, weight, and food preferences.


The Most Advanced Features


You will be able to:

View your customised program with videos of every exercise.

Record exercise results in seconds

Film your exercise technique, then view it alongside correct demo videos.

Upload into your account so that Beautiful Motives can give your expert guidance.

Take and save progress photos instantly.

View your coaching videos, recipes, coaching documents 

Fill in a daily food diary or adherence chart


Results Tracking and Charting

Quite simply the most powerful and flexible tracking and charting system online., along with visual illustrations of your progress.


100% flexible tracking system that records multiple variables on every exercise and across multiple program phases,  recording results on your nutrition habits, lifestyle habits, goals, body stats, assessments and more.